This was never going to be a place for reviews, that's just not really my style. Mostly perhaps because encouraging consumerism and commercialism feel wrong in every way possible. That said I'm still part of those cultures, I buy loads of things all the time. Not least stationery. Some of the things I buy are things I end up not liking, but most end up being tools I use every day. At least every day for a while before they get to rest for a few weeks. But often they come back, and the ones that come back make the purchasing feel worth it.

So while trying not to do reviews I wanted to write a series of posts on the stationery that fall in and out of favour as time goes on. And mostly I wanted to write about why and how I use the tools I do. Those are the posts I enjoy the most from others. Those are the questions I get from people who are not in the pen hobby.

An orange Sailor Pro Gear.
One of my first more expensive pens.
The next issue is that I don't know where to start. For the longest time I figured that I should just pick a pen to write about. I thought that maybe the Sailor Pro Gear would be a good starting point since it's one of my long time favourites. I also have a few and it was one of the first more expensive pens I got. But on the other hand the thing that has been most consistently in use over the last couple of years is my Traveler's notebook. Maybe I should start there. Right now I don't know what is going to go up first. I have a few posts started but none are complete.

This is an attempt to kickstart the writing-about-stationery project. We'll see how it goes.