This next post isn't at all what I had planned. But I'm all too excited about this new (vintage) pen and I figured I'd share some pictures.

Pilot Myu uncapped and posted
Long and sleek
It's a Pilot Myu and I just got it yesterday. I've been looking for one on and off since I heard about them a couple of years ago. I've been waiting for a long time to get this pen. I'm glad I got it, and glad I waited. For one a lot of the ones selling online are new old stock and priced accordingly. This one was used and while not a bargain in any way the price was fair and more in line with the use I think I'll get from the pen. Also finding one that has some ware makes me more comfortable putting it in my pocket. I'm also glad I waited because I've used a lot of different pens in the time between then and now. I feel like this is a pen that needs a few reference points to be properly appreciated. I wouldn't know how well this pen fit me if I hadn't taken the time to explore other options.
Pilot Myu uncapped
Pilot Myu nib
That's a great looking nib
The Myu is longer than I imagined, but similar in size to other pens in the pocketable category. The real surprise however is that it's much lighter than I would have thought an all metal pen would be. It's really comfortable to write with. The nib is a typical Japanese fine point, but it's super wet. That gives the pen a bit of width to the line and sort of throwing me off my usually tiny writing. I have another Pilot that also has a super wet fine nib so maybe that's just how they come. I've read other say that the grip section is slippery and while I have yet to slip I can see what they mean. The grip and the light weight of the pen combine to strongly encourage a lighter writing pressure. That's a good thing to practise with any pen.
Pilot Myu capped
I like that squared off clip
Pilot Myu converter exposed
It looks cool, but I can't see the ink
I don't really like that the converter sits so deeply in the pen that I can't see the ink level and I think the way the clip attaches to the cap is kind of "meh". Other than that this feels like a great little pen to carry around. Mine is from December 1973 so it has lasted a good while already and feels built like it could last twice as long again without trouble.
Pilot Myu Date code
Date code
I'm excited to see how I will use this pen in a month or in a year.