Nock co Sinclair

May 18, 2017

I got a new pen case today. It's a Sinclair from Nock co. The brand is run by two people in the US, one of which is Brad Dowdy who also runs the blog The Pen addict and is one of two people behind the Pen addict podcast. The pen case I use today is another one of their models called Brasstown. I really like it but it can be a bit bulky for pockets and it isn't always easy to get a pen out quickly. It's a pen roll within a case so you have to both open the case and unwrap the roll. I like it, it can hold a lot of accessories but it's a different kind of product from the Sinclair. I had been looking at ordering a Sinclair online but had put it off. However when I saw that they hade made one in a new material I knew I wanted to try it out. All of their cases are made from a rough nylon material, but this year they launched a few show exclusive cases in different colour and materials. Unfortunately you needed to buy it from them in person at a pen show. I can't really see them coming to Sweden any time soon and I can't imagine that I'll be going to the US any time soon either, however I asked on the pen addict slack (run by the same Brad who runs the blog and makes the pen cases) and got someone to get me one.

A big part of the community, and probably a big reason why I'm still in the pen hobby, is that even though there are a lot of people on that slack it's very welcoming. People seem to trust each other, and you can generally always get help and info (pen related or not) from someone who's been in the hobby longer than you. They are always sharing experience, inks and pens with each other. I realise that the pen addict slack group could be their own blog post, so I'll stop here, before I get carried away. I asked if anyone was going to the pen show in Chicago last week and if someone could get me one of the cases. A thank you goes out to Murberdraws for buying the case and mailing it to me. She also included a sample of Califolio ink (Yalumba) that I'm looking forward to testing. The Sinclair holds three pens, and has room for a couple of pocket notebooks as well. I don't really use that type of notebook since I have a dedicated system in the Travellers Notebook, but I can get a few more pens in and have room to spare. Since it's also much thinner I think it's going to fit better in pockets and some smaller bags as well. The special thing about this particular one is the materials. The exterior is a waxed canvas instead of the courser nylon they usually have. It reminds me of a good hiking backpack or maybe a Fjällräven Kånken after a few years of softening up. The interior is a deep red. Murberdraws called it maroon, in Swedish it's wine-red (or vinröd). Nock co is known for having muted colours on the outside and something more vibrant on the inside. And while I don't think this is very vibrant (it doesn't compare to the purple of my Brasstown) I do think it's a great looking colour. Thanks again to Murberdraws, I think this case is going to get a lot of use in the coming weeks.